WordPress for Clients and What You May Want To Know

If you’ve come across my site your probably familiar with WordPress or You’ve heard it’s all the rage and want to know more about it right? I enjoy building websites for clients on the WordPress Platform. I have a lot of experience with it, and that’s growing each and every day. My primary focus is providing excellent sites using WordPress for Clients.

It’s a unique platform, and not necessarily for everyone, it takes time, patience and a willingness to learn each and everyday. That’s what I committed to a few years ago and I don’t plan on stopping. If You enjoy the WordPress Platform and have read and researched how great it is and how much it can become, I’m interested in talking to you as well. Even if you don’t want to talk to me and just want to learn a thing or two on managing your own site, I highly recommend WP101.

These are Just Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

The best way to get started is by having ideas, a plan and a gathering of you thoughts for what you’re hoping to accomplish with your website.

  1. You’ll also need a domain name, hosting and the desire to learn(hopefully), because just having a website is no longer enough…although that’s an option but you wont garner much business from just “having a website.”
  2. I always recommend getting in touch with me before you get too far into all of this, as it’s not the easiest thing to navigate as a novice. Shoot me a quick email or use the contact form to the right of this page and I’ll get in touch(usually pretty quickly).

How Can We Contact You?

You can contact me in a variety of ways, but the best is to the the contact page and send me a message. However I do my very best to be contacted to the web 24/7 so you can also hit me up on twitter if I’ve not gotten you a quick enough response @ImBigWill. You can also call me if you have one of my business cards 😉

What Type of Projects do I work on?

I accept a wide variety of projects based on my current calendar and project queue. Sometimes, when I feel like I may not be the best solution for your project, I will make alternative suggestions and point you in the direction of people I know and have worked with that will serve your needs and project much better than I may be able to provide services for based on your timeline and needs.

  1. I work with the self-hosted WordPress platform exclusively(WordPress.org , not the WordPress.com platform). I also offer a variety of graphic design services such as Logos, Marketing Materials, Pamphlets, Business Cards, Comics and more…
  2. I also do WordPress training for groups and individuals, as well as minor site modifications and code tweaks. It’s not just complete projects. I have a desire to help all and any in need of being better on the web!

Can You Explain the Process

The way it typically(but not always works) is I start your project work on my development server. Once I feel the project has reached a point that it’s ready for review, I will contact you. At this point, you can provide feedback as far as design, design elements, etc. Once you give final approval on the design, I’ll send you an invoice for the remainder of the project balance. Once that’s paid, I will transfer files to your server and get you up and running!

Can I Make Changes during the Process?

Sure! It is my goal for you to be happy with your design. You always have the opportunity to add or change your design ideas and specifications. However, this can add to the time I spend working on your site and most likely will cost more. Obviously, I expect that there will be some small modifications to the design as we go along. These “revisions” are included, within reason. Changes to the overall design scope and functionality, etc. are “redesign” or “additions” and are not included in the original price. Please keep in mind that sometimes a perceived small change may actually take quite a bit of time to accomplish. Read my full Terms of Service for additional information.

I Need A Website Quickly

No worries! Typically, My team and I can provide expedited or emergency services for an additional fee, the amount varies depending on the scope of the project. This is not meant to be vague in anyways. The reality is that each and every project is unique and varies tremendously. To give you the best option, I need to get the full details and scope of work.

Do You Work with Every Hosting Company?

Unfortunately, I do not. To keep this answer clear and simple, there are lots of companies offering inexpensive options. I believe in the motto, you get what you pay for in this world. Companies that I’ve found to repeatedly compromise the best interests of their customers are Network Solutions, GoDaddy and most companies that offer hosting under $8/month. Security is important, and I find these specific companies to be less than suitable options moving forward. The best option is to call or email me to discuss your potential host prior to choosing one. I also only work with Linux Based Hosting. If that sounds foreign to you, just get in touch with me when you’re ready to purchase!

Support Policy FAQ

I offer free support for your new WordPress site 30 days after your new site has gone live. Your site is determined as live once all the files have been uploaded to your hosting provider and the domain name servers have been properly adjusted. I will also email you once those events have taken place. Additions or changes to the design or support requested after 30 days will be billed at my hourly rate, which will be noted in your agreement and contract.

Browser Support

The answer is No. IE6, IE7 and IE8 have reached the end of their life cycles, and in an effort to improve user experience and better online experiences, I can no longer offer that kind of support. As of December 2012, I will drop support of IE8. It’s not that I want to do so, but when major applications like Gmail will no longer provide support to older browsers, it’s unrealistic for developers like myself to do so either. As the web gets more and more mobile, I do ensure you’re site will look and perform optimally on mobile devices and modern web browsers.