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Project Overview

Magnificent Magnifyers(Yes we know it’s not the proper spelling) is a new e-commerce version of a small business booth running at the Williamsburg Antique Mall. Barry, the owner, creates these unique and one of a kind pieces with his own two hands.

This is certainly a niche market, but I think the design is not overwhelming, as the main focus is really to sell product! We re-created and Erte Painting(ocean de lumiere) and used it as a backdrop for the header and so hold the slider in place. The logo is a simple text logo that was created using an Art Nouveau style font, gave it a little shape and depth and dropped it in as well. The Nivo Slider has a graphic overlay, so it’s not as traditional as the typical WordPress Slider.

Project Details

Client or Project Name:
Magnificent Magnifyers // Smellycat Productions
Media and Format Created:
Simple Text Logo, Graphic Overlays and Elements, a WordPress/ECommerce Website
Website or Graphic Design URL:
Year Created and Misc. Details: Created in March of 2012
WordPress/ECommerce using only Paypal at time of original launch