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Mops & Buckets V2 Redesign

Just sharing a recent remodeling of a new, softer, responsive design of Mops & Buckets website. It’s been 4 months, since the launch, but I just wanted to share some thoughts about the redesign and some of the tools we implemented and explored.

Although Chris and I had no real issues with the first design, he quickly learned how fast things change, so it wasn’t long before we had issues to be addressed and worked out. As Chris began the journey of running his own company, he realized that his personal choices really had no impact on the business or perhaps even a negative one at that. This is a great lesson for any startup, leave personal feelings, tastes and emotions at the door because they don’t really matter. As you can see the Mops & Buckets redesign is a much softer, friendlier and overall cleaner website(not that it wasn’t in the first go around) and already helping increase conversions and keeping Chris and his team plenty busy to start the new year.

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